We aim to be a beacon for future generations, creating more comfort not only through our mattresses but also through our operations. Being based in a developing country that has recycling, resourceful and being frugal at the heart of its manufacturing history, sustainable ways of production and charitable activities are embedded in Sabah Bedding’s company culture. The increasing emphasis on sustainability and support offered by international organisations has helped us to reassess our activities and develop plans that make us more mindful of what we do, how we do it, and where we can leave more of a positive impact. At Sabah we subscribe wholeheartedly to the 3 P’s of business ethics: People, Planet, Profit.

People: At Sabah Bedding we have a very high retention level of staff; our family business feels like a a true family with 100 staff all taking part in developing the brand and its products. Making sure the well being of our staff is at the forefront we provide a comfortable, safe, and friendly working environment. We follow the UN Global Compact guidelines, offering fair wages, good working conditions, healthy nutritional meals, and pastoral care where needed. Our supportive reach doesn’t stop at at the gates of our factory. We also collaborate with local charities to supply them with bedding products. In the last 12 months, we have supplied hundreds beds to the survivors of the earthquake, to children’s homes and to women’s shelters.

Planet: At Sabah, we all love to spend time in nature, and we all recognise the impact our manufacturing can have on it. As a result we have been working to pull all loose ends together, learning and seeking guidance from the UN Global Compact and the European Green Deal objectives, making it our pledge to improve practices in our factory. Where we are at this stage: We are ISO 14001 accredited; we are improving environmental performance and meeting policy commitments and objectives We are Zero Waste certificated; we are reducing, recycling and reusing our waste as an important step to prevent eventualities such as global warming, natural disasters, food shortage etc We are Zero Waste Blue certified: we are working towards preventing the pollution of our seas and coasts and encouraging the fight against pollution. We are FSC certified: all the wood we use in our frames are from sustainably managed forests. We are using Sequal Fabrics: with its unique technology, the Sequal process transforms plastics found in the ocean into new yarns. These yarns are used in the production of high-quality mattress textiles and mattress covers by BekaertDeslee which we are using in our matresses.

Profit: We are committed to not only leaving a positive impact within our own circle of employees, by nurturing talent, increasing opportunities and developing persons, but we also do our best to have an influence on the local and national economy. Our endeavours have resulted in Sabah becoming one of the top 3 bed manufacturers in Turkey, serving the local, regional, national market, and branching out to international markets, to bring in more opportunities for income, development & innovation.